In line with our environmental policy we are in the process of installing 2 new biomass boilers complete with a high pressure water system which will supply heat into our workshops via roof mounted fans. The heat will be provided by burning waste wood form our production process that would otherwise become landfill waste. Some of the heat generated will also be used in our new industrial paint booth that is under construction rather that LPG gas, a first in the world of commercial bodyshops!

At Martin Williams we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment, where we can we safeguard the environment in the following ways:

By purchasing and using environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials.

Using ecologically friendly spray systems that contain no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), toxic metal pigments, solvents or slow release reagents

Where such substances are unavoidable we re-formulate them to minimise their impact

Recycling reusable resources and encouraging suppliers and clients to do likewise

FittingĀ solar panels to the roof of our extension reducing our carbon footprint and energy bills.