Effer and MW

We are proud to be the sole UK importer for Effer truck mounted cranes. They are innovators in the crane industry and are at the forefront of loader crane developments including building the first 100 tonne/metre crane and producing the biggest crane in the world mounted on a 32 tonne chassis.

effer-logoEffer also produce the patented CroSStab and V-Stab stabilisation systems which give maximum stability through a full 360 degrees of operation available on cranes from 60 tonne/metre and above.

Another option is to have the crane supplied with a full integral sub-frame.  The engineers at Effer work out the optimal sub-frame to match the chassis and the whole unit is shipped fully painted to us. Utilising this option not only provides the best strength to weight ratio available but also greatly reduces the fitting time for a high capacity crane.

With the best power to weight ratios of all the truck mounted crane manufactures plus personnel carrying options certified to EN280 Effer cranes can be utilised for multiple applications and so offering huge reductions in overall cost.

Effer have a long history of offering lifting solutions to customers that no other manufacturers can, these include a 300 tonne/metre crane that demounts from its own trailer and can then self-propel along train tracks to recover derailed trains, cranes for bridge inspecting and tracked cranes for access in difficult areas to name a few.

Whatever your lifting requirements there is always an Effer solution.